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DivineHeadRush [userpic]
The Battle For My Mind And Body Rages On
by DivineHeadRush (divineheadrush)
at September 24th, 2012 (02:19 pm)

I finally received my shipment of bulk 5HTP and proceeded to take a heavy dose. Since I took it I am being heavily attacked by many different astral beings. The projectile vomiting has started again. There is some entity that knows how to make me extremely sick. It is a terrible feeling.

5HTP helps your brain in releasing seratonin, an amino that creates pleasant feelings.

For 7 years they have tried anything and everything to get inside of me. The key for them is try to coax me into negative thoughts, negative feelings, and negative actions.

I am naturally joyous and it hasnt been working. I understand how they do things. I wont do anything that they hope for.

Since I wont be anything like the weaker, negative humans that they normally target, they have tried to make me feel bad by artificial means, restricting oxygen and blood flow to the brain. They prevent my brain's release of seratonin and dopamine. They murder countless astral beings that work inside of humans that make humans happy and well. They make me feel physically ill.

So now I attempt to counter this with things like 5HTP and I will find other countermeasure like yoga, etc.

As I write I am feeling so incredibly ill by them. I may vomit again. By the I am being attacked right now to this extreme tells me that 5HTP is a step in right direction.