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DivineHeadRush [userpic]
The Battle For My Higher Self
by DivineHeadRush (divineheadrush)
at September 29th, 2012 (05:19 pm)

It becomes increasingly clear that I have become quite the resource.

My advanced spiritual being, my released advanced kundalini are quite the hot commodity.

I have a deep connection to the Godhead that I have been deprived of for the last number of years by parasitic scum that believes that they can cheat the universe and definitely cheat the Reptilians, Grays, and Satanic factions, although they may be using it too.

When my soul-mind-body matrix was invaded by the K.K.K., the mafia, and shadow factions in attempt to break me down and program me into an assassin they got more than they bargained for when they encountered a psychic, advanced spiritual soul.

When other beings found me and linked my mind universally, these crackers started to lay claim to my mind and declared that everyone had to go through them.

Through years of my own spiritual cultivation, yoga, and my past history with psylocibins I had developed a stronger connection to the Godhead, my Higher Self, Superconsciousness, and built strong kundalini.

This is why I am networked, or "with people."

Now these clowns and others like them are now are all fighting for the rights to everything that I am while segregating me from myself. I am being used in other places. I can't even use my intuition anymore. I am literally being hijacked.

I am beginning to understand this on deeper levels now.

It's me against them. I need my connection to my Higher Self to myself, plain and simple and this will be my focus from now on.